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Your host Viola Eva is known from

What do zebras, ice baths and the comeback of stoicism have in common?

Positive Impact.

What does it take to be truly proud of our work and say "hell, yes" to our achievements?

Meaningful Business.

Meaningful businesses are sometimes called zebras. They are profitable and improve society. We understand, you won’t sacrifice one for the other.

Flow & Peak

What does it take to live our best lives? How can we work in the zone and more importantly: live in the zone?

Creative Living.

We work, train, eat and relate differently. Now is the time to challenge existing paradigms about life and community.

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About the editor Viola Eva.

Viola Eva is passionate about digital entrepreneurship, flow and mindful marketing. As the founder and lead consultant for Flow SEO, she is working with software startups to grow their organic traffic.

She is a speaker and specialist on all things SEO (Search Engine Optimization) known from Search Engine Journal, UnGagged, Pubcon, Wordcamp Europe and Webinale.

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