August 16

Business Ideas Don’t Matter!

When it comes to successful entrepreneurship, we think that an original idea is all that matters. We celebrate idea generators like Jeff Bezos who rewrote the story of online commerce or Elon Musk who wants to fly to Mars.

An innovative idea seems to be the holy grail – and everything will just unfold easily from there. What we don’t acknowledge is that these entrepreneurs had to defy all odds to make their idea become reality.

There are millions of people with great ideas – but nothing gets done.

An idea is just a fantasy until someone executes on it. Execution is what turns ideas into reality, dreams into businesses and fantasies into real impact.

What sets great entrepreneurs apart is that they know how to rally behind their ideas, build organizations and strive for effective implementation.

If you are starting or running a business this matters for you.

Don’t fall in love with the idea – fall in love with execution.

In the startup world, we talk about “build – measure – learn”. You don’t want to sit in your house thinking about your idea for too long. As soon as possible, build a minimum viable product and start interacting with your potential customers.

Only then, you will understand what they want and dream of – and if their dreams are aligned with yours. The more you build, the more you learn from your customers, the more refined your product will be. “Build – measure – learn” on every step of the way.

Cooperate with people who know how to get things done.

Early on, find people who are great executors and can drive the “build” part of your business. If you are not an implementor, learn how to find and inspire implementors. Next, work on developing and retaining these valuable team members.

Your success depends on your ability to execute, not on your ability to generate ideas.

Don’t be one of the millions with good ideas that never get started.

About the author 

Viola Eva

Viola Eva is passionate about digital entrepreneurship, flow and mindful marketing. As founder and SEO consultant for Flow SEO, she has worked with clients ranging from individual digital entrepreneurs, to software companies to multi-national corporates and government institutions.

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