April 27

Lateral Thinking 2

Lateral thinking is a manner of solving problems using an indirect and creative approach via reasoning that is not immediately obvious.

These monthly articles include my finest findings so that you can feed your brain’s pattern recognition system with new input and ideas.

The Meaning Crisis

Jamie Wheal is launching a book about our crisis in meaning and this led me down a rabbit hole of stuff related to sense-making, spirituality, and religion.

  • Brian Muraresku talks about contemplative practices and psychedelic sacraments on the Third Wave podcast.
  • Sue Phillips talks about spirituality and meaning-making on the HomeGrown Human podcast.
  • Unorthodox is a Netflix mini-series that deeply impressed me (what Netflix almost never does). It is about a woman leaving the ultra-orthodox community in New York to uncover and rethink her beliefs in Berlin.

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Enjoy the findings of the month and let me know which resource you liked best by using the contact button on the top!

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Viola Eva

Viola Eva is passionate about digital entrepreneurship, flow and mindful marketing. As founder and SEO consultant for Flow SEO, she has worked with clients ranging from individual digital entrepreneurs, to software companies to multi-national corporates and government institutions.

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