August 16

3 Secret Hacks To Finding Electronic Music That You Love

Have you ever been to a DJ set, loved what you were hearing, dropped in the zone and felt joy, love and connection?

As the set ended, you asked your friends “What is this style of electronic music called?” They mumbled, they stumbled and no one had a better answer than “Techno” or “Deep House“.

Later, you found yourself on Soundcloud, hours into your research and you still had not found another DJ with the same style.

Fear no more! These 3 secret hacks will help you to find more of the electronic music that you love.

Hack 1: Determine the genre with

This website looks rough but is the best resource to determine the exact genre. You will learn that Tipper plays glitch hop, nu skool breaks or psybass whilst Clozee plays downtempo bass. Acid Pauli plays electronica, ethnotronica or organic electronic.

Use the genres as the keywords to start your research.

Hack 2: Research the club or label.

Last weekend, I saw Mila Stern and loved her style. I know she belongs to the club Kater Blau in Berlin. I am not surprised I was deeply inspired by her since I also admire Mira, Sarah Kreis, Caleesi and others in and around the Kater Blau community.

A DJ’s label, club and friends will usually point you in the right direction to find more tunes. Check out the DJs they share on Soundcloud and social as well.

Hack 3: Check the stage at festivals/clubs.

Most clubs/ festivals have different concepts per stage. Panorama Bar (disco) does not play the same music as Berghain (techno). Luna (bass) and Lapa (deep house) at Envision Festival have a different focus.

Going over the running order for the stage that you loved will help you find more music that you love.

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Viola Eva

Viola Eva is passionate about digital entrepreneurship, flow and mindful marketing. As founder and SEO consultant for Flow SEO, she has worked with clients ranging from individual digital entrepreneurs, to software companies to multi-national corporates and government institutions.

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