March 10

Do You Speak “Conscious Entrepreneur”?

This is a dictionary for the weird, random and beautiful vocabulary that comes with the conscious entrepreneur lifestyle.

Do YOU know…

  • bulletproof coffee
  • passive income
  • remarketing campaign
  • MVP
  • 4HHW
  • ecstatic dance
  • Trello
  • bootstrapping



(too long, didn’t read): Digital entrepreneurs are weird creatures — and a lot of fun. Join the community.

Aren’t we all Alice in Wonderland, who is diving head first into the rabbit hole of digital nomad communities, online entrepreneurship and digital marketing?

This is our conscious entrepreneur dictionary.

For you, for me, your friends and mine.

Welcome to:

Conscious Entrepreneur — English.

4HHW (Four Hour Work Week) — bestselling book by Tim Ferris who was pioneering the digital nomad movement. A book that made an entire generation leave their homes and jobs to travel and build businesses using geo-arbitrage.

Affiliate — a business model or type of marketing where you recommend someone else’s product in order to receive a referral fee when a purchase is made based on your recommendation.

Agile — a practice of building a business or product in iterative steps, allowing for quick adjustments.

All-hands — a regular meeting with all employees of a company to share a vision and goals.

Biohacking — using supplements or special training in order to improve physical and mental performance.

BJJ — Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a form of martial arts.

Bootstrapping — building a company that funds itself / funding it with your own money (not taking on an investor), requires for the business to be monetized and profitable very quickly.

Bulletproof — a coffee mixed with butter or ghee and MCT oil, which turns into a creamy cappuccino. Suppresses hunger, is supposed to help with productivity and ensures you are staying in ketosis.

Burning Man — massive gathering in Nevada, U.S.A. that’s a commodity-free, self-organized event for self-expression.

Business model — defining how your venture actually makes money, from whom and by solving which problem.

Canggu — a small surfer and digital nomad town in Bali, Indonesia.

Chakra — yogic system of energy zones in the body.

Chiang Mai — a town in Northern Thailand hosting digital nomads, affiliate marketers, FBA entrepreneurs and SEOs.

Coworking — sharing an open hot-desk office space with other remote workers and digital nomads.

Coliving — sharing a house with other digital nomads as flat mates.

Crossfit — the cool way to work out in the 21st century, in a very rustic gym.

Daily routines/habits — the successful digital nomad is nothing without their daily routines (e.g. morning routines) and success habits.

Dave Asprey — founder of the bulletproof brand and famous bio-hacker exploring how to improve fitness, productivity and creativity.

DC — Dynamite Circle. A community of online entrepreneurs, founded by the hosts of the Tropical MBA podcast.

Digital nomad hub — a city like Canggu, Chiang Mai, Bangkok or Medellin that hosts many digital nomads all year around.

DNX — international movement of digital nomads offering events and conferences.

Dojo — a popular co-working space in Canggu, Bali.

Ecstatic dance — or conscious dance: an alcohol-free, drug-free dance party often times happening in the day time.

FBA — or Amazon FBA. Fulfillment by Amazon. Means that you are using the Amazon warehouses to fulfill your e-commerce storage, shipping and returns, often combined with selling your own products on the Amazon marketplace.

Life coach — someone who is supposed to guide you finding your life’s purpose, pleasurable living, good communication and achieving your goals

Freediving — the practice of diving without scuba gear.

Funnel — the customer journey of turning a random visitor on the web into a loyal fan of your brand. Stages might include: awareness, interest, consideration, intent, evaluation, purchase, retention and advocacy.

Gratitude journal — regular practice of writing down good things that happened, successes, beautiful memories and things for which you’re grateful.

Green smoothie — basically a sugar-free smoothie made out of vegetables. Super healthy.

Hackathon — usually a weekend-long event where a prototype for a new product is built in rapid manner.

Hatha yoga — a yogic tradition that is trending, since it focuses on spiritual practices and not so much the fitness aspect.

Homebase — it is not your home in the traditional sense but the place where you come back to inbetween your travels.

Info product (or digital product) — any product that can be consumed digitally, normally an ebook, pre-recorded online-course or video training.

Intermittent fasting — organizing your eating in a way that you fast for 16 hours per day and eat within an 8 hours time frame. Often combined with a bulletproof coffee and a ketogenic diet.

Jade egg (or yoni egg) — love balls meant for feminine practices.

Jason Silva — Youtuber and speaker putting the beauty of the universe and the existential crises in the most beautiful and eloquent words.

Joe Rogan — THE man. Hosting a podcast on all things mentioned in this dictionary. Comedian. Martial arts enthusiast. Entrepreneur.

Ketogenic diet — high-fat nutrition meant to keep you in a state of ketosis (burning fat instead of sugars and carbs). Supposed to have benefits to productivity and longevity.

Kirtan — group chanting of yogic mantras to achieve cohesion, meditation and an altered state of consciousness.

Kite surfing — go-to adventure sports for nomads by the sea.

Kale — vegetable similar to spinach that is super popular again.

Kombucha — a fermented drink made out of tea. Great for gut health and very stylish with the cool kids. Fermented foods are HOT again! Even sauerkraut.

Lead magnet — a free product (guide, ebook, video training, email series) that is offered in exchange for an email address. Usually, this one of the first steps in a digital marketing funnel.

Lean— a business practice of reducing inefficiencies (of time and resources) in a business, originally implemented by Toyota for production.

Mastermind — a group of entrepreneurs sharing insights and learning, giving each other advice and feedback.

Medellin — a rising digital nomad hub in Colombia.

Meetup — a platform to publish events, but more generally speaking, a casual networking event to meet like-minded people.

Mindvalley — a platform for online courses on personal development and international community founded by Vishen Lakhiani

Monetization — the answer to the question “how does this business make money”? For Twitter, we still don’t know.

Moon cycle — your period. Apparently, it is linked with the moon.

Morning routine — the holy grail of how digital nomads like to spend time. Might include meditating, filling in a gratitude journal, visualizing goals, oil-pulling, exercising or alike.

MIT — most important item. What is the ONE thing you need to do to be successful?

MVP (minimal viable product) — part of the lean or agile project management methodology of “build, measure, learn”. The idea is to ship a version of the product that works quickly (instead of postponing for perfection).

OTO — one-time-only offer used in the marketing funnel. This upsell is usually placed after an opt-in, e.g. on the thank you page of a lead magnet.

Passive income — the holy grail of the digital nomad. A business that apparently generates profits without having to work for it anymore.

Pranayama — yogic breathing technique.

Remarketing — tracking data of a website’s visitors and using this to play them ads when they visit other social channels or websites. One of the best converting forms of paid marketing and great to increase touchpoints in the marketing funnel.

Reishi — a superfood mushroom supposed to help with brain health.

Roost stand — a device that allows you to re-position your laptop, so you are sitting more ergonomically friendly

Scrum — a project management and team development methodology originally applied in modern software development.

SEO — search engine optimization. The skill of ranking a website on Google.

Soda water — our go-to drink on a night out (after sunset coconuts) because it is the only alcohol-free and sugar-free drink usually offered in a restaurant or bar.

Slack — basically a more sophisticated Whatsapp for business that integrates with many project management tools and data storage apps.

Stand-up — a daily check-in with the entire team. Normally, everyone is standing to keep it short.

Tony Robbins — THE self-help coach with massive pop-concert-like signature events. Has a Netflix show called “I Am Not Your Guru” which explains why he is our guru.

Travel hacks — tips and tricks to make traveling easier or more affordable.

Trello — an online task management app.

Ice bath — Just what it says. Taking a bath in a tub filled with ice. Or jumping into freezing lakes. They became famous by the the “Ice Man” Wim Hof. Trains to calm the mind (path of the warrior) and supposed to have tremendous health benefits for inflammatory diseases.

Ubud — a hippie yogi town for digital nomads in Bali, Indonesia.

VA — virtual assistance. Someone you outsource work to when needed.

VC — venture capital, an investor funding your company.

Vipassana — 10-day silent meditation retreat.

Visa run — leaving a country for a day or two once your visa expires and then re-entering on a new visa.

Vlog — a video blog.

Vulnerability — creates authenticity. For our brand, business or relationships.

White label — Buying products (e.g. from the Chinese wholesale platform Alibiba) and labelling with your logo. Often combined with running a store within Amazon using Amazon FBA.

Wim Hof — the “Ice Man”. Yogi and speaker famous for walking the Mount Everest in shorts and pushing the frontiers of staying in ice baths for the longest time.

Workation — an organized digital nomad gathering that is partly work, partly vacation.

Yin Yoga — a slow version of yoga where postures are held for several minutes to achieve mental and physical stretching and relaxation. Relaxes the fascia.

Now it’s your turn… Time to go on the road, explore something new, expand the mind or get familiar with new ideas!

Where is your next adventure taking you? 

How are you exploring business, marketing, body, mind and soul?

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